Sticks & Stones

“When you see someone putting on his BIG BOOTS, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.” -Winnie the Pooh

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with Jude. At 21 months old he’s literally zooming here and zooming there. I’ve found that the best way to let out his wiggles, is to spend a little time each day outdoor. As he’s gotten older, he’s become more and more fascinated with finding things to take back in his personal airplane luggage. If you haven’t seen his travel diary, the kid brings that luggage everywhere he goes. Today was an exception, I didn’t want him dragging his luggage through the dirt but sure enough the first thing he did when we walked towards the car was insist on putting his new treasures into the zip pouch. Even though Jude’s quite the runner, I love how he always turns back around to check to see if I’m coming to join him on his next adventure. With a finger pointing behind him, he gestures for me with a vigorous nod to follow. If I don’t, I get quite the pout. For as long as you’ve got me, Juju I’ll be right behind you.

Jude 21 mos-1 Jude 21 mos-2 Jude 21 mos-5 Jude 21 mos-7 Jude 21 mos-8Jude 21 mos-11 Jude 21 mos-12 Jude 21 mos-15 Jude 21 mos-16 Jude 21 mos-18 Jude 21 mos-23 Jude 21 mos-27 Jude 21 mos-29 Jude 21 mos-30 Jude 21 mos-31 Jude 21 mos-33Jude 21 mos-34 Jude 21 mos-36 Jude 21 mos-38 Jude 21 mos-39 Jude 21 mos-40 Jude 21 mos-43 Jude 21 mos-44 Jude 21 mos-45 Jude 21 mos-46

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