This little piggy flew to Chicago. This little piggy met his new friend.

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said, ‘I’m here for you’ and proved it.” -Anonymous

Friendships aren’t built in a day, but remembering how much I enjoy a friend can be a wonderful reminder of how precious that gift is. I can’t believe the last time I saw Yvette, it was the week before Jude was born. We’ve taught together, shared life together, celebrated in life’s triumphs, and held each other through the hard times. Distance is nothing but a number for us three and I’m so glad we’ve been reunited again. Our first day in Chicago was an absolutely perfect day! We of course squeezed in Ana’s first bath in her big girl tub, followed by a visit to her daddy’s workshop where we “Oo’d and Ahh’d” over his work, and finished off the day visiting a cute little town called Geneva. We lived a Chicago dream and now I can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive for another day out with our babes and Gina whose been a HUGE help with all both our munchkins. 😉

Chicago D1-2 Chicago D1-6 Chicago D1-7 Chicago D1-10 Chicago D1-12 Chicago D1-14 Chicago D1-17 Chicago D1-19 Chicago D1-26 Chicago D1-29 Chicago D1-31 Chicago D1-32 Chicago D1-34 Chicago D1-35 Chicago D1-36 Chicago D1-37 Chicago D1-39 Chicago D1-40 Chicago D1-41 Chicago D1-43 Chicago D1-46 Chicago D1-50 Chicago D1-53 Chicago D1-60 Chicago D1-61 Chicago D1-66 Chicago D1-67 Chicago D1-68 Chicago D1-69 Chicago D1-72 Chicago D1-73 Chicago D1-75 Chicago D1-76 Chicago D1-79 Chicago D1-82 Chicago D1-83 Chicago D1-84 Chicago D1-86 Chicago D1-88 Chicago D1-90 Chicago D1-91 Chicago D1-92

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