Pop it like it’s hot!

“A baby is a little bit of stardust fallen from the hands of God.” -Anonymous

Yesterday, we celebrated with Shioun and Clee at their baby shower. I got to work together with an incredible team to put this out of this world Pinterest explosion to life. We had so much fun decorating, as we watched Jude eat lots of munchies while chasing Casper around. By the time everyone came, the room was filled with laughter, smiles, and glee. It seems like yesterday, when all of us triple dated in Napa. Each of us girls had only known each other for a short period of time, but thanks to our husbands whose friendship of many years bore us each a gift of friendship that will last us a lifetime. May the countdown begin for Baby Lee’s arrival!

Baby Lee Shower-5 Baby Lee Shower-8 Baby Lee Shower-12 Baby Lee Shower-16 Baby Lee Shower-17 Baby Lee Shower-19 Baby Lee Shower-20 Baby Lee Shower-25 Baby Lee Shower-26 Baby Lee Shower-40 Baby Lee Shower-41 Baby Lee Shower-46 Baby Lee Shower-49 Baby Lee Shower-51 Baby Lee Shower-56 Baby Lee Shower-59 Baby Lee Shower-61 Baby Lee Shower-63 Baby Lee Shower-66 Baby Lee Shower-67 Baby Lee Shower-71 Baby Lee Shower-73 Baby Lee Shower-74 Baby Lee Shower-77 Baby Lee Shower-86 Baby Lee Shower-92 Baby Lee Shower-94 Baby Lee Shower-97 Baby Lee Shower-99 Baby Lee Shower-102 Baby Lee Shower-109 Baby Lee Shower-111 Baby Lee Shower-113 Baby Lee Shower-116 Baby Lee Shower-120 Baby Lee Shower-124 Baby Lee Shower-126 Baby Lee Shower-127 Baby Lee Shower-128 Baby Lee Shower-133 Baby Lee Shower-135 Baby Lee Shower-137 Baby Lee Shower-140Baby Lee Shower-159Baby Lee Shower-151Baby Lee Shower-141 Baby Lee Shower-145 Baby Lee Shower-146 Baby Lee Shower-147

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