Friendship Begins Here

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old…we grow old because we stop playing.” -Anonymous

I took Juju out on a playdate with my past spiritual mentor with her daughter. It was so much fun just catching up over snacks and boba, while watching our two play together. Makea is absolutely gorgeous, just like her older sister who met while working at the childcare center since she was three years old. Back then I wasn’t a mom, I wasn’t even a credentialed teacher, but my friendship with her mama began there. I’m so grateful for the years that have gone by and how much we’ve learned from each other.

Makea & Juju-1 Makea & Juju-2 Makea & Juju-4 Makea & Juju-5 Makea & Juju-6 Makea & Juju-11 Makea & Juju-18 Makea & Juju-23 Makea & Juju-25 Makea & Juju-27 Makea & Juju-29 Makea & Juju-30 Makea & Juju-33Makea & Juju-35 Makea & Juju-37 Makea & Juju-39 Makea & Juju-42 Makea & Juju-44 Makea & Juju-46 Makea & Juju-52 Makea & Juju-54 Makea & Juju-55 Makea & Juju-62

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