Weekend Field Trip

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serous learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” -Mr. Rogers

We’ve been waiting a long time to take Juju to the Oakland Zoo with friends of ours and his aunt and uncle. It’s especially fun, now that Jude is mobile and can walk around on his own. I couldn’t believe how brave he was, willing to walk up to any goat and pet them from their head to their bodies. I can still remember being frightened as a child when I used to go to Happy Hallow Park in my kid overalls. Wish I had a comparison photo right about now. 😉 Since today turned out so well, I wouldn’t mind going back again in the near future. Next stop, the Palo Alto Zoo with my cousin and her son!

Thanks for joining us on our short adventure! My favorite photo is the one of Caesar. How creepy is it? Reminds me of a scary movie.

Oakland Zoo-2 Oakland Zoo-3 Oakland Zoo-4 Oakland Zoo-5 Oakland Zoo-7 Oakland Zoo-11 Oakland Zoo-13 Oakland Zoo-20 Oakland Zoo-21 Oakland Zoo-22 Oakland Zoo-25 Oakland Zoo-26 Oakland Zoo-30 Oakland Zoo-31 Oakland Zoo-34 Oakland Zoo-36 Oakland Zoo-39 Oakland Zoo-42 Oakland Zoo-44 Oakland Zoo-45 Oakland Zoo-47IMG_6026Oakland Zoo-49

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