Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Jude Just Wants to Join In

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!”

After finishing the Tan’s family photo shoot, we had a little bit of time for our kids to play together. It was so cute, watching Chloe follow Jude Dai Dai around and giving him lots of hugs. We always love our time with the Tan’s and look forward to years and years of more play dates and dinners together.

Tan Family Shoot-2 Tan Family Shoot-5 Tan Family Shoot-6 Tan Family Shoot-9 Tan Family Shoot-11 Tan Family Shoot-209 Tan Family Shoot-210 Tan Family Shoot-213 Tan Family Shoot-215 Tan Family Shoot-217 Tan Family Shoot-219 Tan Family Shoot-223 Tan Family Shoot-226 Tan Family Shoot-228 Tan Family Shoot-229 Tan Family Shoot-231 Tan Family Shoot-232 Tan Family Shoot-235 Tan Family Shoot-236 Tan Family Shoot-238

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