Every Minute. Every Hour. Everyday.

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.”

It seems like only a few years ago, that Cheri and I were carving into a tree at Pajaro, getting ready for sunrise service on Easter Sunday, and finishing off an entire Strawberry Pie all by ourselves. Today, we added to our pair with my little one and I have to say, he made the perfect addition. While working part time does mean a pay cut, the minutes and hours I get to be with Jude will not be wasted. I’ll take every moment I get and treat it as a gift. A precious gift that I know will only last as long as I have this position and he’s not in school. To many more adventures, my little one!

Meadowlark-3 Meadowlark-4 Meadowlark-5 Meadowlark-6 Meadowlark-7 Meadowlark-8 Meadowlark-10 Meadowlark-11 Meadowlark-13 Meadowlark-14 Meadowlark-15 Meadowlark-17 Meadowlark-18 Meadowlark-20 Meadowlark-22 Meadowlark-23 Meadowlark-24 Meadowlark-25

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