Weekend Goods

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” -Coco Chanel

Some kids get to go to Disneyland a lot, Juju gets to go to Napa a lot. We took a short afternoon trip to Napa on Monday with the family and Brandon. We had a delicious meal at Morimotos and even double dipped and ate at Sonic on the way home. Be on the lookout for photos from this upcoming weekend, we’re taking our bugger out to the snow for the first time!

Napa 1.19-6 Napa 1.19-9 Napa 1.19-14Napa 1.19-19 Napa 1.19-22 Napa 1.19-24 Napa 1.19-26 Napa 1.19-27Napa 1.19-30 Napa 1.19-34 Napa 1.19-36

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