They grow, and grow, and grow…

“Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. -Robert Heinlein”

Juju has spent this last month growing his obsession with any type of instrument in his reach. My mother bought him a bunch of different instruments. for Christmas and every morning, afternoon, and night he’s shaking and banging away at his new toys. He’s learned to take risks and to test his limits, which means he’s also testing mine. His little brows give him a way each and every time. Here’s a snippet of the day we spent together. This will be the second to last time I’m going to try to take pictures of him on his nursery chair. He is quite the wiggle worm and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Jude 11 mos Edits-7 Jude 11 mos Edits-8 Jude 11 mos Edits-11 Jude 11 mos Edits-14 Jude 11 mos Edits-16 Jude 11 mos Edits-22Jude 11 mos Edits-34 Jude 11 mos Edits-36 Jude 11 mos Edits-49 Jude 11 mos Edits-52 Jude 11 mos Edits-56 Jude 11 mos Edits-58 Jude 11 mos Edits-59 Jude 11 mos Edits-60 Jude 11 mos Edits-67 Jude 11 mos Edits-69 Jude 11 mos Edits-71 Jude 11 mos Edits-75

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