Best Buds

“Friends are family you choose.”

To have found lifelong friends is one thing, to have made friends that have become family is another. Moments like today, remind me how lucky I am. If anything ever happened to me, I know that Juju would still thrive and spread joy in this world because I have surrounded myself with incredible people that bring out the very best in me. These same people continue to bring out the best in Jude, every time they come over to spend time with us. Wherever life may lead us, we can count ourselves blessed. I mean, seriously how cute are they together?!?

Head & Juju Edits-17 Head & Juju Edits-22 Head & Juju Edits-30 Head & Juju Edits-31 Head & Juju Edits-32 Head & Juju Edits-34 Head & Juju Edits-36 Head & Juju Edits-37 Head & Juju Edits-38 Head & Juju Edits-40 Head & Juju Edits-42

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