Dinos Just Wanna Have Fun

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” -Plato

Yesterday was so much fun! We started off the day with a visit to my school to see the kids show of their costumes. Juju started off as a little skeleton and ended the day as a Dinosaur. As you can see in the photos, taking his monthly photos is getting harder and harder. He’s clearly not into staying on the glider anymore. To finish off the afternoon, while Juju took his afternoon, I quickly assembled my decorations for the toddler room area I was helping out with last night at the church. Once more, what would I do without Pinterest?!?

Let’s just say he was not happy when I woke him up from his nap to leave early and ended up peeing on both of us. Yay! The joys of motherhood.

Harvest Festival Edits-2 Harvest Festival Edits-3 Harvest Festival Edits-5 Harvest Festival Edits-10Harvest Festival Edits-25Harvest Festival Edits-17 Harvest Festival Edits-13 Harvest Festival Edits-15 Harvest Festival Edits-19 Harvest Festival Edits-23 Harvest Festival Edits-26Harvest Festival Edits-34 Harvest Festival Edits-35 Harvest Festival Edits-39 Harvest Festival Edits-42Harvest Festival Edits-47 Harvest Festival Edits-51 Harvest Festival Edits-53 Harvest Festival Edits-56 Harvest Festival Edits-63 Harvest Festival Edits-65 Harvest Festival Edits-66 Harvest Festival Edits-67

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