Everything is Awesome!

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller

From middle school to becoming moms, I’ve known Antonia for quite a long time. She came back to visit family and friends for a week and we decided to take our boys on an adventure with her mom whom I haven’t seen since college! 90 degree weather didn’t stop us from having a blast with our boys. Her son, Gavin Chase is as handsome as his name would suggest. We had such a good time today exploring Happy Hallow Park. I simply can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures. #mamalife

Happy Hallow Edits-2Happy Hallow Edits-4Happy Hallow Edits-18Happy Hallow Edits-26

Happy Hallow Edits-27Happy Hallow Edits-34Happy Hallow Edits-38“Don’t touch my mom!”- Gavin Happy Hallow Edits-39Happy Hallow Edits-42Happy Hallow Edits-44Happy Hallow Edits-46Happy Hallow Edits-49Happy Hallow Edits-52Happy Hallow Edits-57Happy Hallow Edits-88Happy Hallow Edits-68 Happy Hallow Edits-60 Happy Hallow Edits-87 Happy Hallow Edits-86 Happy Hallow Edits-84 Happy Hallow Edits-81Happy Hallow Edits-92Happy Hallow Edits-93 Happy Hallow Edits-66 Happy Hallow Edits-65 Happy Hallow Edits-64Happy Hallow Edits-100Happy Hallow Edits-103

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