Our Wiggle Worm is 7 Months Old!

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” -Roald Dahl


It’s true, just the thought of Jude makes us beam, especially now that he’s slithering around as fast as a snake. One minute he’s on the carpet, the next minute he’s peeking around the cabinets to find out where I’m cooking. He’s obsessed with avocados and loves to eat with us. This last month he’s grown so much, it feels like every 5 days he’s able to do something new all on his own. Secretly, my favorite learning of his is how he extends his arms out to me when he wants his mama.  *Melt*

Now, that he’s so squirmy, I’m finding I need to take less photos of him on the glider and more pictures of him confined to our laundry basket or tied to the car.  Some of my favorites from this past week, are the photos I snapped while he looked himself in the mirror. What would it be like to have two of Jude?!?

Jude 7 mos edits-1 Jude 7 mos edits-3 Jude 7 mos edits-5 Jude 7 mos edits-4 Jude 7 mos edits-6

Jude 7 mos edits-10    Jude 7 mos edits-27  Jude 7 mos edits-31 Jude 7 mos edits-33 Jude 7 mos edits-34 Jude 7 mos edits-36  Jude 7 mos edits-40 Jude 7 mos edits-41Jude 7 mos edits-23Jude 7 mos edits-45Jude 7 mos edits-44Jude 7 mos edits-26

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