Sparks & Sparkles

“You can’t recognize good times if you don’t have bad ones.” -Anonymous

Last weekend was exceptionally fun for us. We spent July 4th with friends and had a blast lighting our very own fireworks. Ken and I scored an amazing deal on our new picnic tables at Target, along with our brightly colored umbrellas. I’m thankful to Ken and Brandon who woke up early on Friday to build them! Without these two, we would’ve been sitting on cardboard boxes during our fireworks show. Looking through our photos that Al took, while I cuddled up with my besties made me realize how lucky I am. It’s not that life has been perfect for those I sat next to or myself last weekend, but that I’ve sat by these same people for so many years already. Through the good and the bad we’ve shared life’s tragedies and wins together. That’s why I love the quote above so much, the good really is that good in the company of good friends.

 July 4th Edits-1July 4th Edits-106 July 4th Edits-3July 4th Edits-14 July 4th Edits-5 July 4th Edits-19 July 4th Edits-32

July 4th Edits-34 July 4th Edits-45 July 4th Edits-52July 4th Edits-55July 4th Edits-60 July 4th Edits-65 July 4th Edits-73 July 4th Edits-76 July 4th Edits-80 July 4th Edits-81 July 4th Edits-89 July 4th Edits-91 July 4th Edits-95

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