A Wedding to Remember

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” -Mother Teresa

I’ve attended my share of weddings, but I have yet to see a bride beam up at her husband the way that Bern did last weekend. Literally every second she stood before him, it was as if she were living out a simple day dream. I pray blessings over her and the life she’s about to begin with her new husband.

I just realized I accidentally deleted all the photos from her wedding. F-A-I-L I thought I had finished saving and categorizing all the photos from last weekend, but it turns out I didn’t download her actual wedding photos before formatting my card. I could cry. All that I have left now, are our precious family photos that Joan took and Long directed. What a gift it is to have youth group kids grow up to become such incredibly talented individuals. I cannot thank them enough for helping us capture Jude lighting up our worlds. I wish I still had all the rest of the photos. Thank goodness other people had their cameras from that day.

Jude Family Edits-14 Jude Family Edits-19Jude Family Edits-25 Jude Family Edits-33 Jude Family Edits-39 Jude Family Edits-41 Jude Family Edits-44 Jude Family Edits-47 Jude Family Edits-50

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