When the Present Meets Our Past

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”


Today I met up with Anna, Cris, and our two boys. Driving through Sunnyvale, back to the park where we spent countless afternoons at when we were growing up anytime we visited our grandparents was bittersweet. The memories flooded back as if the events of yesterday took place only days ago, in actuality it’s been two decades. Seeing the old play structure brought back so many fond memories. Even though the tanbark has long been removed, I swear I could still smell the old wood chips, see us running around the playground, and climbing the large metal cannon. It seemed like the right place to photograph Anna with her new family. It was such a special place for us growing up, it was the perfect setting to capture photos of their happy family. I’m looking forward to our next trip back down memory lane, but this time it’ll be to make new memories with our kids together again.

Anna's Family Edits-46 Anna's Family Edits-33Anna's Family Edits-12Anna's Family Edits-4 Anna's Family Edits-1

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