Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. -Dr. Suess


Baby Jude is now 3 months old and watching him discover the world that surrounds him makes us so happy. Being home with him for an entire week during Spring Break was absolutely blissful. He’s figured out how to use his itty bitty fingers to grab onto objects, he enjoys cooing while I sing and dance in the kitchen, and his hair continues to grow as fast as his chunky body. All things we love about him!

Jude 3 mos edits-18Jude 3 mos edits-21

1. Tracking 
Jude 3 mos edits-2

2. Yanking out his hairs

Jude 3 mos edits-11Jude 3 mos edits-13

3. Blue Steel 
Jude 3 mos edits-29

4. Serious chunkamunk

Jude 3 mos edits-27

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