Louisa’s Lovely Lady Bump

Nearly 10 years ago, I met Malina at the childcare center where I was working for Thena. She was just around two years old at the time and was as cute as a button. Her mom, Louisa, was a beautiful, vibrant, hot mama. We’ve all grown up in some way over the course of these last 10 years. Malina has morphed into a beautiful young lady. I have become a wife and a teacher and Louisa has become a mom once again. It’s truly been a dream come true. In less than 6 weeks, her new precious angel will make her debut to this world and I simply can’t wait to meet her. I’m so glad I had a chance to squeeze this shoot in and had Malina play around with a vintage camera my inlaws passed on to me last weekend. Looking at the photos from today, I realize why I couldn’t help but snap so many photos of Malina. I used to be in charge of taking photos for each child’s portfolio, it was my job to capture their quizzical expressions and their new interests. I guess some things haven’t changed…



May the Lord watch over your family. May His spirit bring you a fountain of joy. May His presence give you strength, when the nights are long. May His love be enough to sustain you as you make adjustments. Most importantly, I pray that you would each embrace each moment you have with Baby Makea, as you make new memories with your brand new family edition. Amen!

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