Handmade with Love

This weekend, I was able to witness the beautiful union of two dear friends. It was incredible to drive through Pope Valley and watch Chris’s childhood home come into physical view. The ranch was gorgeous. I could not have imagined it being any more perfect. What made the day even more special was knowing how many hours went into preparing for this day. These friends of mine are not your  typical couple. Here are a list of my favorite handmade goods from their wedding.

  1. The fenced off area was done just for this wedding. They chose a plot of land  surrounded by a grand oak tree over a year ago. 
  2. The bar was handmade by Chris.
  3. The wedding favors were homemade candles.

May you both live happily ever after!

Gina's edits-17 Gina's edits-19 Gina's edits-20 Gina's edits-26 Gina's edits-29 Gina's edits-32 Gina's edits-35

Doesn’t Chris’s dad look like Gibs from NCIS?Gina's edits-53 Gina's edits-54 Gina's edits-58 Gina's edits-65 Gina's edits-66 Gina's edits-71

Gina's edits-73 Gina's edits-75 Gina's edits-81 Gina's edits-88 Gina's edits-95Gina's edits-38Gina's edits-86 Gina's edits-97 Gina's edits-100

Don’t hate us. We love you, Mr. & Mrs. Meade!Gina's edits-102 Gina's edits-107Gina's edits-113 Gina's edits-118 Gina's edits-119Gina's edits-134 Gina's edits-139 Gina's edits-146 Gina's edits-147 Gina's edits-152 Gina's edits-154 Gina's edits-157 Gina's edits-158 Gina's edits-160

Thank you for sharing your incredible day with us!

One thought on “Handmade with Love

  1. Ohmygoodness Rosie all the photos really portrayed the loveliness of their wedding! Her dress was soo beautiful, and you got some great shots of the detail. So sweet!

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