Muir Woods for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, my mom requested a day hiking through Muir Woods. Today was just as beautiful as I remembered it being eight years ago. For those who crave a little peace, a little beauty, and a little silence, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for a place to meet God’s creation face to face, put on your lulumeon gear and head on over to this beautiful woodsy getaway.

20130505-144205.jpgMuir Woods Edits-6 Muir Woods Edits-8 Muir Woods Edits-14 Muir Woods Edits-17 Muir Woods Edits-20 Muir Woods Edits-21 Muir Woods Edits-22 Muir Woods Edits-24

Muir Woods Edits-7 Muir Woods Edits-27 Muir Woods Edits-28 Muir Woods Edits-37 Muir Woods Edits-38Muir Woods Edits-42Muir Woods Edits-63Muir Woods Edits-59 Muir Woods Edits-56 Muir Woods Edits-52 Muir Woods Edits-54 Muir Woods Edits-57

2 thoughts on “Muir Woods for Mother’s Day

  1. gorgeous Rosie! Really like the roots hanging from the tree and the fallen over one with exposed roots. You know I heart mother nature, and you captured it beautifully!

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