Vegas Vacay

We’re back and the impact of taking a break from work has had an immediate impact on my physical well being. I’ve suffered from a month of ridiculous muscle cramping in my jaw because of stress. Had I known a trip away could’ve cured my pain, I wouldn’t have spent +$300 on a custom night guard. 0_o I am thankful for our mini getaway and ready to share a few highlights from our trip.

  1. Eating Bouchon for breakfast every single day. Hello, Easter Bunny! Goodbye, Bunny!
  2. Enjoying two good reads by the pool, while getting my tan on.
  3. Dinner at Ichiza, my favorite little nook. It’s too bad Ken had to watch me eat all that food, since he couldn’t have any. Poor guy had a major gout attack on our trip.
  4. Exploring 50 of National Geographics most memorable photos.
  5. Watching “Human Nature” while singing and dancing along with the four Aussies.
  6. Lunch at Grimaldi’s, where we laughed so hard sharing childhood stories, I cried.


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