Best Friend, Best Times

Today was simply beautiful. Every weekend of this month, I have made it a point to take my Nikon and have it tag along on my every adventure. The memories that have been captured from today, will definitely last a lifetime. Heather and I have always been different, but what I love is that while we have many similar things, we have our own way of making it our own.


Thank you for coming out to play in my neighborhood.

Thank you for letting me take photos of you.

Thank you for laughing with me.

Thank you for stopping on the side of the road for a photo shoot.

Thank you for being my penguin twin for life.


2 thoughts on “Best Friend, Best Times

  1. These are such great shots Rosie! Love the one in b/w with Head’s hair blowing in the wind! Also love the ” what’s in your bag” shot.

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