Travel Pro

Who hates arriving to the airport having to fish through your already stuffed to the brim carry on bag? Who hates arriving to a hotel and having to find a home for your jewelry in a makeshift drawstring bag or better yet, the nightstand where you frequently stress about forgetting your gems? In the last three years, since I’ve started taking advantage of time away from home I’ve started accumulating a few travel essentials.

Below you’ll find my easy to spot Passport holder, courtesy of my friend. Fashion + function = perfection. I also purchased my travel wallet where I carry my tickets, passport, hotel cards, and many other travel documents (don’t forget a copy of your passport) through OneKingsLane. Last but not least, my beloved faux leather, let’s help our environment out jewelry roll from Gilt. It houses my treasured gems in a safe and classy home away from home.

So the next time you travel, pack your bags, zip up your jacket, and smile knowing you’ll be able to keep your cool even if your flight leaves an hour earlier.






2 thoughts on “Travel Pro

  1. Oh girl, LOVE the jewelry roll! Bigger than the box I’ve been using and more compact than the portfolio (expandable, with “pages”) I bought but have yet to use. LOVE!

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